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Starting an application / workspace:


What are "My Sessions" and what can I do with this information?

Voorbeeld van mijn sessies In the My Sessions section you have an overview of active and disconnected sessions with our environment. When problems occur in a running session you will be able to logoff your own session and try again. To end a session, click on "end session".

How do I adjust the screensize of the window in which my application/workspace runs?

Instellen van schermgrootte On the “My Applications” page click on the icon with a window and magnifying glass. You can choose between several screensizes. When you click Save this setting will be saved for current and future visits.

How do I connect local devices like printers and disks?

Instellen van lokale apparaten You can choose to connect your local printers and or disks to use with the application or workspace. By default these settings are disabled. You can change a setting by clicking on its icon. (see picture to the left). When connecting your printers the drivers need to be present in our environment. You might need to contact your IT contactperson when a printer does not work.

I have an Apple/Linux computer, where can I find a RDP client?

For the Mac OSx Microsoft created a RDP client. You can find it here:

For Linux OS there are several RDP clients. For example:

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What does it mean when I choose "Remember my log in data"?

When you choose for "remember my log in data" 2 items will be saved. Your username is saved in a cookie. When navigating to this portal in the future you will not have to fill in your username again. Secondly will we enable the "auto log on" feature. This may sound as something you always want to enable, however, when using a public computer we advise you not to use this option. Your login credentials will be saved (encrypted) in the temporary files and can be abused.

When I click an application I have to choose between "Open" or "Run", what should I choose?

A RDP file will be generated when you click an application. In this file your preferences and possibly your encrypted login credentials will be saved. When you save the file you can use it for at least once. There is a significant chance that the file won't work in the future due to changes in the environment or your settings. Therefore we always advice to click on "Run" when launching an application.

In Internet Explorer
Click on Run..
In Firefox
Click on Save and then double click the downloaded file.
In Google Chrome
Click on the highlighted download at the bottom of the screen.
In Safari
Click on Open.

I get a warning "The identity of the external computer cannot be verified? Do you want to connect anyway?" when I click "Run" after starting an application. What do I do next?

Waarschuwing bij maken verbinding In the latest version of the Remote Desktop Client of Microsoft (version 6.0 and higher) the publisher of the RDP file is checked in relation to the server you are trying to connect to. When you use this type of RDP client (part of Windows Vista and Windows 7) there is a chance you get this warning. We advice to tick the checkbox and click on Yes. If you click No you cannot start the application or workspace.

The Cu4IT Helpdesk has offered to provide remote assistence. What to do next?

The Cu4IT Helpdesk requires you to download a program from the Cu4IT website to provide you with remote assistance. The Helpdesk will then be able to remotely control and view your personal computer. You can download it by clicking on the following link: download. The Cu4IT Helpdesk will provide you with further instructions on how to use the program.

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